Monday, December 12, 2011

Everybody is a Millionaire!

(My uncle told me this story when I was a kid)
Once there was a man who made a wish.  Standing outside of the most expensive Hotel the city had to offer, the man shouted to the skies above "I wish I was a Millionaire!"  

And in a flash...he was!  

His old, tattered clothes became new, expensive clothes.  He had a top hat, and an expensive-looking cane to match.  The shocked and bemused man let out a joyous howl, thumped his heavily polished cane into the pavement below, and proceeded into the luxurious Hotel in front of him.

The first thing he noticed was...there was nobody outside to open the door for him.  Seemed strange that the most 'expensive' Hotel in the city would not have a doorman outside to accommodate its patrons.  He opened the door himself and made his way into the lobby, where he noticed a few other 'rich-looking' people just standing around, looking confused.

The man then wandered over to a vacant Hotel desk, wondering where the clerk had disappeared to.  A few quick slaps of the bell still produced no results.  He looked around and could not see any sign of anybody who even resembled an employee of the Hotel.

Spotting an 'older gent' standing in front of the nearby elevator, the man quickly made his way over; joining the older fellow as they both waited for the elevator to arrive.  And as the elevator doors opened, and the man noticed that there was no 'operator' inside, he turned to the older man next to him...
"Excuse me, I hate to bother you but I must ask... Where is everybody?!!"

The older gentleman replies, "What exactly do you mean?"

"When I came inside, there was no doorman.  There is nobody behind the desk... not a clerk, not a bellboy, nobody at all.  And then just now, there is no elevator 'operator'!  Where has everybody gone?!!"

The older man begins to chuckle... "Oh, I guess you haven't heard."
"Heard what?" the confused man replies.

"Everybody is a Millionaire!"

And with that, the two men disappeared into the elevators...left to 'push' their own buttons.


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