Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Meeting John Carpenter" on hold...

Just a short update on the story outline "Meeting John Carpenter".

I'm sure some of you who have read part one are probably wondering what the delay is for the second part of the epic tale "Meeting John Carpenter", and at the same time I'm positive that the remaining few could really care less. 

I hope I'm way off on this one.

Truth is, I have been doing some tweaking to the story; changing major plot points and whatnot--just trying to bring to you, the best version that I can possibly deliver. Which, of course, is the big reason why I haven't published, or even begun to write, the second part to "Meeting John Carpenter".

 Bottom line: I want to 'start fresh', with a revamped version of what I feel could be the next "Being John Malkovich".  Oh yeah, I kid you not!

Actually, I was just being lazy as hell. No, seriously though...

I hope those who read the first version will keep an eye open for the 'revamped' version. It should be a lot more interesting, with some added stuff that's sure to tickle your fancy. 

Can somebody please say "Fan Raffle"?!!

Thank you and have a wonderful day...week...month...year!

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