Monday, August 8, 2011

Alamo Drafthouse is my hero...

Ok, here's the deal.  I happen to be one of the few living, breathing human beings in this world today without a texting gadget.  Raspberry or whatever you call it...I don't own one.  I doubt that I ever will own one, but then again who knew that I would be writing a blog.  "Resistance is futile"--someone once said--so we'll just wait and see.

In the meantime, whenever I find myself zoning out or drifting off, I try and handle it the old fashioned way... WITHOUT TEXTING!!  This is why I am starting to love the Alamo Drafthouse Theater more and more,  but we'll get to that soon enough...
Seems like everywhere I go--public restrooms included--I am reminded of just how many addicts there are out there.  And I'm not talking about the substance-abusers, although that is a serious issue as well,  but I'm talking about the lack of discipline amongst the ADD/ADHD crowd.  Yes, I said it.

Not a minute goes by, it seems, without one of these bozos (ok, maybe not all of them are bozos) jumping on their tiny keyboard...punching away with all fingers and thumbs a blazing.  And did I see some tongue protruding out of the corner of some of those mouths?  It's out of control.  I see it at the grocery stores, the libraries, which of course has pretty much dropped it's 'no talking' policy in order to appease the majority.  Let me say it again...majority.  I am part of the minority.  It makes me shudder.

As I shake my head to this reality, I try and think back when people didn't have texting 'thingies'.  What did they/we do for entertainment?  We/They listened to music, had their/our friends over so they/we could...listen to music or watch a movie.  Or better yet, we/they called our/their friends on the 'telephone' and asked them/us if they/we wanted to go to a movie and hang out, have some fun.  That's how they/we did it.  Wow... We/They are tired of typing/reading they/we aren't we/they?

Nowadays?  It's completely different.  Those same 'friends' are already in the theater lobby, texting their other friends...telling them to come down to the movies, to hang out and possibly have some fun.  Seems harmless enough, right?  They are in the lobby,  they aren't bothering anybody.

Again, this is why I love The Alamo Drafthouse Theater.  The Alamo Drafthouse Theater is a movie theater located in Texas.  Which of course is too far for me to actually visit, but that doesn't erase my new-found love for them.  

Simply put, they (Alamo Drafthouse Theater) have strict rules regarding talking during the movie.  Strict rules.  And this means no cellphone talking, especially.  Violate it and you will be gone.

They started this policy a while back, most likely due to the growing complaints from other patrons about the excessive talking and other annoying distractions, and have reminded patrons of this policy with creative and entertaining PSA's (public service announcements), in which they run before each and every movie.  Famous actors, directors, and even janitors...could be seen in these PSA's.  Reminding people to 'not talk' during the movie, or else.

Simple enough, right?  People complained, these guys listened...and responded.  If you talk during the movie, and are annoying others, you will be kicked out.  Not politely asked to leave, but kicked out.  On your butt, out in the street, in a puddle of sticky soda or slushie...crying your eyes out, threatening to sue the sh*t out of The Alamo Drafthouse.  This is why I love these guys!

They have recently added texting to the list, and quite's about damn time.  I don't wanna be distracted by these glowing screens down in the 3rd row or 6th row or even down the aisle from my own precious space.  Turn it off.  Don't leave it on, yet quietly turn it over so it appears to be off.  I can still see the glow!  My eyes are sensitive like that...TURN IT OFF.  You'd be surprised at how many others feel the same way.  At least these guys (The Alamo Drafthouse) are doing something about it.

So, yeah... You could say that I have found a new love, because I just love The Alamo Drafthouse.

Oh, and you can eat food and drink beer there too!!

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