Sunday, August 7, 2011

A blog is a blog is a blog...

Ok, here it goes...  For the longest time,  I have been resisting this whole thing they call 'blogging'.  I don't care to have a Facebook account,  and only recently have I tried the 'twitter' thing,  but that was for special reasons that I choose not to discuss.

Blogging.  Writing your thoughts down,  like in a Journal or something,  and having mostly strangers read it.  

I asked myself, 'Do I really want to spend my free time telling the world--or at least those who happen to find my little shred of nonsense on the web--my thoughts, be it insightful or just flat-out random at best?'  I asked myself that.  It's true,  I did.  

Do you know what the answer was?  The answer was 'HELL NO!!'

You see,  when I first asked myself that question,  it was quite some time ago.  During a time when I was resisting anything and everything that was even slightly attached to this modern technology surge,  that had taken the world by storm only just a few years ago.  Oh sure,  there were cellphones and whatnot more than a few years ago,  but the push to make it 'better and faster and smaller and whatever'...that didn't happen until a few years back.  Blackberry,  Android,  WhateverBerry,  it was just too much for me to handle.  

People wandering around places like the mall,  the park,  or just walking down the street for pete's sake... Everybody,  it seemed,  was 'wired in'  and the future looked bleak.

Wired in.  Sounds funny,  doesn't it?  Sounds as if we have become something other than human.  Something out of a science-fiction movie.  A zombified android or something,  created to do nothing but receive information and follow protocol.  To obeyTo consume.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

Or at least,  that's what some people think.  I,  for that matter,  believe that everybody has a right to believe.  Just don't irritate the hell out of me while you're believing in whatever it is that you believe,  because I believe what I believe and I don't want you to push your beliefs onto me without my permission.

Why should I write a blog?  Why would anybody else want to hear what I have to say?  Everybody,  it seems,  has a blog.  Everybody wants you to hear what they have to say,  because they have an opinion too.  Or maybe they just want to sharpen their typing skills,  who knows.  I ask again,  Why should I write a blog? 

Because I'll tell you this... A blog is a blog is a blog...period.  It's all about italics,  it's all about bold statements,  it's about what I know or what I am checking out or what I did,  it's all about me, me, me... 'Yes oh mighty Facebook,  tell  me how many 'friends' I currently have,  and tell them to check out my pics of all my friends down at the frozen yogurt shop that I currently work at.'  Or something like that.  

Why would I want to get wrapped up in something like that?  It's so addictive that,  if you aren't careful,  you might end up being lost for good;  swirling around in that black hole,  never to be seen or heard from again.  Disconnected permanently.

Now granted,  I do enjoy the youtube thing,  because I--like most people--enjoy seeing my creation on a viewing screen--be it small or large.  I do enjoy entertaining,  I do enjoy being entertained,  and I do enjoy entertaining myself while entertaining others.  Ok,  that last part is a little strange, but that's fine.  Because,  I am strange.  I am like everybody else out there, meaning... I believe that I am special in my own right.  I have a voice.  And,  I have nobody to talk to.  Ok,  I'm kidding on that last part,  but you get the point.

My point--and yes I actually do have one--is that, like everybody else out there who has a voice... I WOULD LIKE TO BE HEARD!

A blog is a blog is a blog...

It took me a long time to finally admit it to myself,  that in fact,  I might enjoy telling the world (or at least those who choose to listen),  just how much I have to say.  Even if it is one of many,  many blogs out there (just waiting to be ignored by the many,  many...other bloggers out there,  who also have something to say),  I too have something to say.  And rather than waste my time telling it to family members who might not care if I enjoy mixing peanut butter and  jelly with my oatmeal in the morning,  I might as well tell it to the thousands,  if not hundreds of thousands,  that I do enjoy a nice 45 minute nap in the middle of the afternoon while the rest of the world might be working--if they are one of the lucky few to still have a job.  Long story short,  I might as well have a blog.

And to all of you hundreds or thousands,  or even just a handful of people out there who might have stumbled across this blog while searching to see if your newly uploaded high school reunion pics have become public yet,  I say to you...  A blog is a blog is a blog... so why not read mine?  You might get a laugh or two.  You might even leave a comment,  telling me how insightful it was and how much you enjoyed it... Just before asking me to read your blog...and to leave a comment.

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